Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Different Take on Japanese Kimono by Lynn Forman

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I became interested in reusing vintage kimono pieces several years ago when I discovered the work of Kumiko Sudo.  She is a Japanese fiber artist who incorporates asian influences and sensibilities into her quilts.  I began to work through two of her books, Fabled Flowers, and Flower Origami, learning how she uses fabric origami, sashiko embroidery, and hand-stitched applique. 
I began to wonder how kimono silk would fare with origami techniques as embellishment for clothing, so I ordered assorted vintage kimono pieces from a shop on etsy and got started.  I quickly realized that the beautiful prints were lost in the folding process and switched to using solid satin in the folded embellishments I use on some of my scarves and small purses.
I adapted her hand sewing techniques to machine sewing.  Here are some of my interpretations:
I then experimented with piecing prints together for my scarves allowing each individual print it’s moment(similar to when it was part of a kimono), but also having it becoming part of one beautiful patchwork combination, ( a totally new life).  
When I discovered wool and cotton kimono pieces, I wanted to try heavier scarves and fabric bowls.  I used solid wool to offset the beautiful colors and patterns in the wool kimono pieces.I also made which could be also used by men.
Now for the bowls..... Kimono fabric is approximately 14” wide, perfect for fabric bowls.  In order to showcase each beautiful design, I chose a very simple square or slight rectangle with minimal shaping.  The backing is either hopsack cotton, linen, or denim, all of which are heavier woven fabrics and complement the weave and design of the cotton kimono pieces.
 Stop by Boutique 208 to see these creations in person.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing our Featured Member Area

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 Charmed by Jenn

As you step into Boutique 208 and look to your right, you will find our new
 "Featured Member Area."  

Every 2 weeks this area will change to showcase a different member.


For the next 2 weeks, Jennifer Baldauf of Charmed by Jenn will be our featured artist.  She has been creating an array of art for longer than she can remember, but has put her focus on jewelry over the past 10 years.

Jennifer is showcasing her embossed designs in the featured area.  In order to make these intricate pieces, she starts with a blank piece of natural brass (all nickel-free and lead-free, so that's good news for those with metal allergies!), then she embosses her desired design into the metal, and goes through a sanding and buffing stage that raises the metal.  Once this process is complete, she then adds color with metal patinas, and finally seals the color in with a metal glaze which protects the design for decades to come.  Each design is meticulously hand-crafted and created with much attention to detail and love.  All designs made by Charmed by Jenn are one-of-a-kind originals!  Jennifer believes that you are all unique, and your jewelry should reflect that!

Jennifer Baldauf also creates many pieces of beaded jewelry.  You can find her bead work in a separate area of the shop.  For the next 2 weeks, all of her beaded earrings are priced at $10 with a buy 2/get 1 free special.  Her beaded bracelets have all been reduced to $15 (usually retailing for $25-$50), and her beaded necklaces have been priced $25 (regular retail of $30-$65). 

Please stop in and purchase one of her designs!