Monday, February 29, 2016

Special March Gallery Crawl: Make & Take Bath Bomb Workshop!

Boutique 208 is excited to host a Make-and-Take Bath Bomb Workshop during the Gallery Crawl on Friday March 18th. Help kick-off the City of Pittsburgh's Bicentennial Celebration with us!
Bethany, of Indulgence Bath & Body Products, will be teaching you to make a fun fizzing Bath Bomb from ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Scent your bath bomb with nourishing herbs, and learn a little bit about caring for your skin at home.

The workshop begins at 5:30 PM, and is FREE while supplies last.
Bethany’s “Kitchen Cabinet Beauty Recipe Booklet” will be available to all shoppers during the Gallery Crawl on March 18th, so be sure to stop into to Boutique 208 for some great local art, even if you won’t be participating in the workshop!

Friday, February 26, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

We have a fabulously GREEN giveaway just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Stop in to Boutique 208 between now and March 10, 2016 to receive an entry to win this great assortment of items donated by several of our artists. No purchase necessary for the first entry!  Get one entry just for coming in to see us, then earn 1 entry for any purchase, and then additional entries for every $20 you spend! 

Come down and see us!

Prize includes: a pair of Kiss Me, I'm Irish earrings and card from Jenn of Charmed by Jenn, a green floral cotton baby bib from Jody of The Point Needlecraft, a bath cupcake and green silly soap from Bethany of Indulgence Bath & Body Products -  all wrapped up nicely in a lovely reversible fabric bowl from Lynn  of Textile Gifts!

Winner will be randomly drawn the morning of Friday, March 11th and notified via phone call (or email address depending on which the winner provides on their entry form).

We'll be having more giveaways in the coming weeks - stay tuned!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Featured Artist: Sue Danielson of SuDan Design: Jewelry and Batik

Sue Danielson of SuDan Design: Jewelry and Batik is our featured artist this week. She specialized in one-of-a-kind batik pieces, among many other things. We asked her to share a bit about herself. Enjoy!

My first batiks were created in a class at the Pittsburgh Arts and Crafts Center in 1975 that was a Christmas gift from my husband, Earl. I had been making arts and crafts works all of my life, but the serendipity and surprise of this ancient Indonesian craft really inspired my imagination, much like photography and dark room work does. There's always something exciting, even magical, about seeing how the dyes have seeped into cracked wax, how the colors have combined, and ultimately, the excitement, surprise and delight when the wax is removed to reveal what has been created through the multiple steps of waxing and's like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis! 

After those initial classes,  I quickly produced a wide-variety of batik items, including magical window hangings that glowed like stained glass, large framed abstract and pictorial wall prints, unique and unusual stuffed dolls and clothing. Unfortunately, back when dyes were not as permanent, it was difficult to sell batik items at a price that would reimburse my time and materials, as well as make some profit. So I took a hiatus from batik to focus on making a living; then on to loving and raising two wonderful daughters. While working full time as an office administrator, I encouraged my girls' own creative endeavors, which included demonstrating batik, as well as other arts and crafts. Later, when I was working as a human resources specialist at a community college adult education program, I began taking various art classes, including beaded and wire-wrapped jewelry. Another love was born! I couldn't stop, and once again produced a large inventory of items, purely for the love of creating beautiful pieces. Although I gave away most of the pieces I made to friends and family, I often sold things, and was encouraged and assisted by Sarah, my fashion and business savvy younger daughter, to create a batik and jewelry shop on Etsy. Still busy with my job and other commitments, I appreciated and trusted Sarah's design sense and marketing experience, and she assisted me in creating our SuDan Jewelry and Design shop in that massive global marketplace, where she worked as business manager until I retired from my college position in April of 2013. 

I also create one-of-a-kind Rainbow Makers and Memory Keepers that are sold in the shop. These are joyful crystal ornaments that are assembled from cut glass prisms of various sizes and shapes that are strung on ribbon, wire or chain, and enhanced with jewels, metals, charms, ribbons, and bows. Many of these ornaments have a holiday theme, with vintage and personalized photos added. The crystals and beads catch and reflect light when hung in a sunny window, and cast colorful rainbows around the room. Personal photos of beloved people and pets may be added by custom request to flat backed glass prisms, and themed charms are often included to create special remembrance gifts for display in a window, car, or on a Christmas tree. 
I also make handmade photo and linoleum block print greeting cards which are available at the Boutique during the winter holiday season.

In addition to batik items such as scarves, clothing for babies, children and adults that I sell at Boutique 208, there are pillows, windows, wall hangings, and framed art in the works...and always a new design or product idea percolating in my brain!

I am happy to offer these original, handmade gifts at Boutique 208, and hope that the folks who stop by to visit this unique shop will be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety and ever changing assortment of unique batik clothing, a variety of scarves and other interesting items that are enhanced with batik designs.

I hope that Boutique 208 customers will love my designs as much as I love making them!

Stop in and check out Sue's beautiful work featured at the front of the Boutique from 2/24-3/2!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Featured Artist: Mimi Antonetti of Nautilus Creations

Mimi Antonetti of Nautilus Creations is our featured artist this week. She creates beautiful, unique chain maille jewelry. We asked her to share a bit about herself. Enjoy!

A native of Northern NJ, I currently reside in the Greater Pittsburgh area by way of Miami and Houston. With a degree in geology and paleontology, the Chambered Nautilus has always been my favorite invertebrate - I love the way it will build a new living chamber when it outgrows the current one. This has become a metaphor for my life....creating new as I outgrow the old.
In 2011 I took advantage of corporate downsizing and decided to follow my heart in several different ways. I have parlayed my love of animals into a dream job of taking care of other people's four footed (and hooved) friends as a full time job. On the side I started to stoke my creative fire and stumbled upon chain maille; little did I know it would become something verging on obsession!

 I love the direction mailling has taken me and have branched out to include everything from Kumihimo to torch-flamed scales and rings in my pieces. I prefer to work in stainless steel, bronze, copper and niobium although I still will make pieces in brass, bright and anodized aluminum.

Stop in and check out Mimi's Nautilus Creations featured at the front of the Boutique from 2/17-2/21.