Meet our Artist Members

Boutique 208 is a unique treasure trove of locally created wares,
with a core group of artist members who,
in addition to creating these amazing one of a kind items,
make this boutique possible.

Barker's Herbs and Heirlooms
by Tamara Barker

Trying to save the world, one craft at a time, by creating unique repurposed and upcycled handmade goods. Viewing the world through brass goggles with upcycled lenses offers me a unique perspective that helps others see the potential beauty in their trash. A bit like a time-travelling Dr. Frank-N-Furter, I create steampunk, mixed media, and collage pieces with a unique twist that are reflective of my sometimes warped and twisted view of the world.


Charmed by Jenn
by Jenn Baldauf

Jennifer is an award winning jewelry designer who works with a variety of materials. Her designs are all one of a kind, therefore her selection is constantly changing. She is greatly inspired by nature, and you will find this theme throughout her work, whether it be her jewelry or paintings.

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