Monday, July 16, 2012

Artist Bio Lynn Forman of Textile Gifts

Ok.... get in your closet and dig out your Grandma's old hankies, or if you're like me and your kids do every activity under the sun, then pull all of their sports and activity t-shirts out and put them to good use. Next, make sure they're clean and get them to Lynn.  She will turn them into something useful and lasting. She also offers workshops, so you can learn how to make your own personally designed bowl or basket. Read up on what she does and then stop in the store to pick up a pre-made basket, custom designed bowl, or to take a workshop. Have fun learning a little more about Lynn.
Amy Levier

I have always loved beautiful fabric and interesting shapes.  By selecting fabric that is fun as well as functional, I try to create the perfect gift for you or someone special in your life.  Since I only create one or two of an item using the same fabric, each purchase is unique.   I welcome custom work, especially when it involves preserving memories by repurposing vintage crochet pieces, antique handkerchiefs, or favorite jeans and t-shirts into individually designed bowls or baskets.  I also refashion treasured fabric into one-of-a-kind scarves and purses. I am excited to add that I just finalized a deal with Simplicity Pattern Company.  They will be publishing a jeans/t-shirts bowl and mirror pattern in Spring 2013.  

Check out some of my designs online at 
I will also be offering workshops at Boutique 208 in the fall of 2012, so please check for the schedule.

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