Friday, November 1, 2013

Introducing our Current Featured Artist - Judi Erno of Urban Baroque

Boutique 208 is proud to introduce our current featured member - Judi Erno of Urban Baroque.  We hope you enjoy reading a bit about her.

Judi Erno of Sewickley, Pa. is a former chef and caterer who now shares her creativity by cooking up new and delightful jewelry designs.

Sprinkled with gemstones, laced with leather and mixed with metals, Judi's designs are sure to satisfy your craving for the unique!

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  1. Hi Tam,
    This is kyle from homefry ceramics...thanks for taking an interest in my work. I would love to be involved with you guys...even volunteering for the 5 hours a month thing. Look forward to meeting you this weekend at the Waterfront!
    Lets talk then or around then or maybe right after... ;)