Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Artist Bio Marcy Bates from Recycled Reeds

Today's blog post is the second in our series on the artisans from Boutique 208. As I sit seaside today and watch the vacationer's on the beach it's interesting for me to see people's choice of reading material. There are those who choose their Kindles or Nooks and still those who choose to read "old-fashioned books". Marcy has found a unique way to preserve the history of books around us. Stop in and order a custom book for someone special in your life. I ordered one for my 16 year old son for his birthday per his request. Have fun reading about what she does.
Amy Levier

Marcy Bates makes art and functional items from old books.  As the owner of a used book store, she has a strong commitment to reuse and creates all of her gift and decorative items from outdated or damaged books, some with the addition of reclaimed paper, cardboard, and fabric.

Her unique items include book art folded into 3D words and pictures; paper pottery bowls and coasters made from rolled magazine pages; journal/sketchbooks made from library discard hardbacks; and bookmarks made from hardcover book spines.

The book art sculptures are made by carefully folding each page of a book in a specific sequence to form the letters of a word or name, or a graphic image.  Marcy began creating these books in 2011; she spent much trial and error, and many books, designing and perfecting the process. 

The books can be custom made in any name to celebrate graduation, wedding, anniversary, new baby, new job, new home, birthday, and every other occasion to be honored.

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  1. I bought a sculpted book (the one that says 'READ') for my daughter's birthday: She loves it; put it in the favorite corner of her apartment (that has all her favored items in it); posted a photo of it on her Facebook page (as it was clearer to show it rather than describe it); and her Facebook friends found it 'awesome'. FYI - I bought the sculpted book at the bookstore on Liberty Ave, in Bloomfield, as it is near where I work, and I saw it displayed in the window.

    Thank you; I will be keeping your items in mid as other gift-giving occassions arise!