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Boutique 208 Artists Amy Levier

Boutique 208 Artists

Featuring Amy Levier, owner of The Photo Alphabet and Precious Pedestals

 Boutique 208 is part of the Pittsburgh Pop Up Project, helping to revitalize downtown Pittsburgh! All of our items are handmade by local artists and designers. Over the next few weeks we will visit with some of our member artists. You can check back every other day for an updated post introducing a new artisan, read their bio and see a few pictures of what their specialty is. Hopefully you will come to appreciate handmade items, the way some of the artisans have revamped their lives, and a desire to come visit the boutique and purchase a few items from your favorite artisan.

I've decided to start the artisan posts with my very own story. I am new to the boutique and have enjoyed the experience so far. I am the owner of The Photo Alphabet and Precious Pedestals so, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Amy Levier; I live in Gibsonia with my husband Jason and my three children. I create prints from my Alphabet Photography and I make what I call Precious Pedestals from recycled, new and vintage items.

I love the city of Pittsburgh, being born and raised in it I have watched it evolve over the years. My parents and grandparents owned an art and craft store in the city while I was growing up. I was always a part of it and it a part of me. As I got older and was raising my children I let that creative side of me slide. When my oldest went off to college I realized I had lost a part of myself by letting my creative side go. I was introduced to the idea of Alphabet Photography and immediately loved the idea and set to work photographing the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area finding letters in nature and the architectural elements. I set to work putting those letters together to form prints of words and quotes, along with custom name prints for weddings, anniversaries, and graduation gifts. 

It was then that I realized the need for high-quality, unique gifts and home décor. I also have a love of vintage and recycled items and that is where the idea for my Precious Pedestals came from. I love using recycled and beautiful new  items to make my pedestals. There is something very satisfying about the hunt for discarded, beautiful items that can be brought back to life. They can and have been used as dessert, jewelry, soap, and business card pedestals. They have also been used as centerpieces in customer’s homes and weddings.

My goal is to offer unique, high-quality, handmade items for my customers to enjoy!

You can find more of my items, including information on custom orders at

You can find my upcoming show schedule at

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