Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meet Your Makers: Kirsten Lowe-Rebel of K.LoRebel Art

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your handmade business:
K.LoRebel Art is the hand drawn art and illustrations of Kirsten Lowe-Rebel.  Recently, I've 
started turning my work into a line of wearable art jewelry, stationery and a Home-Bar-Art idea for customizable bottle drawings.  
How did you come up with your business name? It's kind of my name, like J-Lo but (Kirsten) Lowe-Rebel ; )

Where do you live? 
A Pittsburgh native, I have lived in various parts of the city.  I was raised in the Shaler/North Hills area and I now live in lovely Lawrenceville, PGH Pa.

Who’s in your family? 
My Grandparents are a huge part of my family. They both help me very much with my business. My sister lives close by in Bloomfield, I love her and want to always live close to her. My household consists of my boyfriend/partner and I, we both are living pretty creative lifestyles at the moment, as he is a composer, and we hope to someday be cat parents to one or a million cats.


If you could sit down and talk to any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I would actually much rather talk to someone from the future, if that could be an option? As in, anyone with future insight!

What inspires you?  Skilled professionals, basic and simple ideas, fashion, graphic texts and architecture, the hand drawn, food, booze and brand loyalty and enthusiasm.  I am also inspired by great color combinations... even though, I've recently taking a liking to the black and white color pallet.

What is your favorite item you make for Boutique 208 and why?
Art Print Money Clips! I think it's the perfect treat for the downtown professional. Why not add a little fun flair (and Pittsburgh pride) to your daily routine. They make great gifts for the gentlemen in our lives and I've been told that they are "lucky" as in hot at the casino! (***I am not promoting gambling here) However, they are definitely lucky money clips.


What is your favorite item at Boutique 208 that’s not one of your own and why?
I love the crocheted work of Alicia Kachmar. I think she is a very inspiring young lady and I have had the pleasure of meeting her during the crossings of her life here in PGH. Her stuffed plush cheery critters are totally up my alley, they are fun and cute but my favorite thing about them is the shorty stories that comes along with them. I am a proud owner of one of the BIGgest, Phattest @eternalsunshine (her biz name) perogies I've seen her make : )

What advice can you offer to someone who would like to start selling their handmade creations? 
I feel so new to the idea myself, it would feel ill fitting to supply sound advise.  I guess right now I would say: you'll never know unless you try... Do what feels right and keep learning new skills even if you're not sure how they will apply, because they will. It will ALL start to make sense! Oh, and also: allow yourself the time, because great things can happen when you stop procrastinating. 

Thank you so much for giving me the time to answer a few questions! Cheers!!! Shop at Boutique 208, Great community and representation of the Pittsburgh Indie Craft/Art scene! I am happy to be a part of it and the great location of what is now a really transforming downtown Pittsburgh ; )

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