Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet Your Makers: Lois McCafferty of Lomo's Fine Art

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your handmade business:  My name is Lois McCafferty. I am a self taught artist.  Painting murals with the medium of acrylics was the starting point for me, as an artist. In the year of 2000, I was introduced to the medium of oils.  This was the start of Lois Mongiovi Fine Arts.  All of my art on canvas are of the best quality in canvas as well as oils.  The prints are matted Giclees on acid free art paper.  This year I am introducing my art note cards. 

How did you come up with your business name? I came to the name of Lomo's fine art from my name... Lois (Lo) and my maiden name of Mongiovi (Mo).

Where do you live? I live in the City of Pittsburgh in the Brookline neighborhood

Who’s in your family?  My family is a husband, son, daughter in law, a daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons. 

If you could sit down and talk to any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?  My mother Roseila Conti Mongiovi passed away many years ago.  Just before her passing we talk openly about everything....I would have liked to add a thank you for passing on the talent that was instilled in me.

What inspires you?  God's beauty of life inspires me to paint.

What is your favorite item you make for Boutique 208 and why?  The painting called Sara is one of my favorites at Boutique 208.   This is one of my fountain series of children playing...I enjoy seeing the joy that children bring to us in a painting. 

What is your favorite item at Boutique 208 that’s not one of your own and why? 
One of my favorite items that is not mine are the hand knitted items from Pamela G.  The yarn is of a very good quality and they are well made.
What advice can you offer to someone who would like to start selling their handmade creations? 
The only advice I can give to a seller of handmade creations is, make the product as if you were making it for yourself (perfection) and don't wait for a buyer to come to show / take your items to them.

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